Learning Module

LabVenture Recap: Let's Go Back to LabVenture

A classroom discussion structured around a slide presentation containing data and imagery from LabVenture.


Learning Outcomes

Climate and Changing Ecosystems

  • Climate is changing in Maine.
  • Climate change impacts different organisms in different ways.

Data and Scientific Inquiry (This is the work that scientists do!)

  • Data help us understand a problem or phenomenon and can be used as evidence to support scientific claims.
  • Change over time and its impacts can be studied and understood by making observations and collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data.
  • Understanding climate change and its impacts is a collaborative effort involving professional scientists and members of the community.

Time Estimate
1 to 3 class periods


Learning Space

This module is designed to follow a class visit to LabVenture—ideally within a week or two of the trip. It is intended to be a classroom discussion, structured around a slide presentation containing data and imagery from LabVenture. The presentation is organized roughly around the sequence of experiences in the LabVenture program.

The structure of the lesson follows that of the LabVenture Field Notebook, which provides an interactive record of the data annotations and video reflections each group made during their LabVenture visit. We envision the lesson being taught using a combination of small group discussion, individual reflection, and class discussion, with a final writing exercise that might be given as a homework assignment.


In addition to reminding students what they did and reinforcing the major takeaway messages from LabVenture, this activity is designed to model a systematic way of thinking about scientific topics that will carry through all of the LabVenture classroom extension activities. This includes asking the basic questions, “What’s Happening?” and “How do we know?” along with the integration of authentic scientific data into each investigation. This activity uses specific topics that students explored together at GMRI to create a foundation for using data to carry out additional scientific explorations of Maine’s changing ecosystems.

Structure of Lesson

Introduction (5 minutes)

Small group activity (10 minutes)

Independent writing (10 minutes)

Class discussion (15 minutes)

Final writing task (20-30 minutes)* homework