Learning Module

Local Seafood in Maine Schools

People throughout the region are working together on Sea to School partnerships in order to get more seafood into school cafeterias. This curriculum module, developed with support from the Henry P. Kendall Foundation, focuses on the importance of seafood across communities and cultures and celebrates its environmental, economic and nutritional benefits.

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Lesson 1: Food from the World’s Oceans

Students work together to brainstorm and learn about various foods that come from the sea. They then go on to use an online, multilingual interactive website highlighting the importance of seafood locally and globally.

Lesson Slides | Investigation: Seafood Around the World - Note Catcher | ThingLink Interactive: Seafood World Map | Teachers Guide

Lesson 2 - The Benefits of Local Seafood

Students begin with an opportunity to share their own connections with seafood and the ocean. They then spend time in 5 stations focused on seafood and the environment, the economics of local seafood, kelp farming, the health benefits of seafood, and seashell identification.

Lesson Slides | Seafood People Bingo | Seafood Station Materials | Seafood Station Student Note Catcher | Teacher Guide

Lesson 3 - Seafood Marketplace

Students participate in an interactive marketplace taking on the roles of harvesters and buyers to better understand the market dynamics related to local seafood.

Lesson Slides | Seafood Game Materials | Buyer Notes Page | Harvester Notes Page | Teacher Guide

Lesson 4 - The Sea to Plate Journey

Students consider the journey of a fish stick from the sea to their cafeteria plate and learn about the benefits of locally-sourcing seafood.

Lesson Slides | Seafood in Maine Video Note Catcher | Teacher Guide

Lesson 5 - Seafood and Our Community

Classrooms are empowered to apply their learning in a locally relevant way using a choice board of ideas to celebrate and make the case for local seafood.

Lesson Slides | Local Seafood Action Choice Board | Teacher Guide